Baby and Bump Massage

Baby and Bump Massage

We are unique in that we are specialists in Pregnancy and Post Natal Treatments, specifically Remedial and Relaxation Massage BOOK NOW

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Our clinic offers a huge range of services for both pregnant clients up to and beyond the 40 weeks, plus in the post natal period.

What type of massage is best for me?

Remedial Massage is a more targeted style of massage. It helps to improve function in your body helping with postural complaints which allow your muscles to work more efficiently. This style of massage is helpful for clients who have ongoing concerns during pregnancy and in the post natal period. Concerns can include sciatica, lower back and pelvic pain. BOOK NOW

Relaxation/ Deep Tissue Massage is a more generalised style of massage and is great for an overall treatment. This style of massage provides some attention to the whole body and is a great way to relax and feel better. Clients who have general pregnancy or post natal aches and pains would benefit from this treatment. BOOK NOW

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