What types of massage are there?

Remedial, Relax/ Deep Tissue

It’s so easy to run around taking care of everything—work, family, social life—and forget to take some regular time out to look out for yourself. Before you know it you’re waking up each morning feeling tired, and that little twinge in your shoulder has grown into a constant nasty ache. Your work can also affect your posture and put your muscles under strain, whether you’re on your feet all day or sitting at a computer. Aching shoulders, sore necks, and lower back pain are common for everyone. Massage therapy is bliss for sore and aching muscles.

Studies show that pregnancy massage improves sleep. Clients gratefully report this, too! It can help you to connect with your baby. Regular massage helps you to feel more nurtured and energised throughout your pregnancy.

Remedial Pregnancy or Post Natal massage:

Remedial Pregnancy massage eases pain by releasing tension, restoring function and mobility. Massage can gently treat the compression syndromes that cause pain and tingling during pregnancy.  It also gives your ‘feel good’ hormone levels a boost, helping reduces your perception of pain. Remedial Massage also helps to restore function in your musculoskeletal system, improving your posture and allows your muscles to work more efficiently.

Please note: only Remedial massage can be claimed on your health fund.


“You were great at making me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I loved that I could tailor each massage to suit my needs, focussing on the areas that needed work.” – Ali, 9 months pregnant

“I loved the perfect combination of feeling pampered and indulged with the relaxation massage with the skilled balance of remedial massage to work on my shoulders and lower back… My word I slept better that night! During the last couple of weeks I have been waking up at 5am but after my massage I slept so soundly, it was wonderful.” – Beck, 6 months pregnant

Relaxation Pregnancy or Post Natal Massage:

Relaxation/Deep Tissue massage helps to keep your body balanced. This makes you feel stronger and look fabulous too! Regular massage helps you to feel more rested and energised all the time. This style of massage is specifically for general complaints.

Please make sure you book for Relaxation Massage.

Please note: Relaxation massage cannot be claimed on your health fund.


“Brilliant massage and fantastic care and amazing hands. Thank you Jules, you have a lot of healing help to offer Canberra! Simply wonderful, thank you. Would recommend you in a heartbeat.” – Beth, photographer

Remedial or Relaxation/ Deep Tissue Pregnancy or Post natal Massage Prices:

Principal Therapist:

$135  for 60 min consultation
$80 for 30 min consultation

Senior Remedial Massage Therapist:

$125 for 60 min consultation
$78 for 30 min consultation

Diploma Level Remedial Therapist:

$120 for 60 min consultation
$75 for 30 min consultation

Relaxation Therapist:

$110 for 60 min consultation
$75 for 30 min consultation